Experience Makes the Difference for Edina
Only Rep. Ron Erhardt gets it done.
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Important! I need you to Attend Your Precinct Caucus
March 1, 2016  ♦  7:00 PM
Valley View Middle School,
6750 Valley View Road

If you cannot attend, you may give permission to a trusted friend to vote on your behalf for convention delegates who intend to endorse Rep. Ron Erhardt. The Erhardt Volunteer Committee has a special form which you can give to your friend.   Contact Ron Here

It’s a fact. Only Rep. Ron Erhardt can win against a strong GOP challenger. The Edina community does not majority vote for Democrats. It is a community of well educated, thinking people, who generally split their votes with a conservative lean. Ron has a strong following amongst both DFL and GOP moderates who appreciate that he truly represents his community and their aspirations, not those of outsiders. They appreciate that as a long time leader, he gets things done. Sometimes Ron accomplishes almost impossible successes for which he is given more awards and endorsements than most legislators. Ron needs you to assure that he is Edina’s DFL endorsed candidate! Thanks.

Erhardt Volunteer Committee
4214 Sunnyside Road
Edina, MN 55424
Ron: (952) 927-9437
Ron: RonErhardt@gmail.com